Square-headed Wasp
Location: Calgary, AB
Date: Aug.  6,  2007
      Photo 1

Square-headed Wasp - note flaky pale Lepidoptera (moth) scales on the head and thorax

Common Name:  Square-headed Wasp

Latin Name:  Lestica sp. Billberg, 1820
                        (R. Bercha, det., confirmed by M. Buck)

Length:  12 - 18 mm

Range:  Throughout Alberta

Habitat:  Various

Time of year seen:  Summer

Provision Nest With: Moths

Other: These wasps prey on adult moths and nest in
borings in wood. There are only 2 species of Lestica in Alberta: L.
and L. producticollis, which usually cannot be separated from images alone.  This genus of wasp has a  strongly impressed orbital fovea (pit on inner eye margin), which distinguishes them from the very common Ectemnius. Normally the markings are yellow but in northern localities (like Edmonton) they can become whitish.  (M. Buck)


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