Spotted Spreadwing

Location: Hwy 552 & 274 Ave E, AB
Date: July 23, 2011

      Photo 1

Common Name:  Spotted Spreadwing

Latin Name: Lestes congener Hagen, 1861
                       (R. Bercha, det.)

Length:  32.5  - 35 mm

Range: Throughout Alberta

Habitat:  Ponds and slow streams

Time of year seen:  July to September (Additional Sightings)

Diet: Insects

Other:  The Spotted Spreadwing is named for the two dark spots just behind its rear leg on the bottom of its thorax.  The upper part of the thorax and abdomen is typically dark brown to black with the lower part of the thorax being pale. It is a salt tolerant species that is found thoughout the prairie and grassland regions of Alberta.  As it is somewhat cold tolerant it is the last spreadwing seen in the fall with some individuals surviving into October. (Acorn, 2004 & Cannings, 2002)



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