Spotted Asparagus Beetle
Location: Sspopiikimi Forest , AB
Date: June 13,  2010
      Photo 2

Common Name:  Spotted Asparagus Beetle, Twelve-spotted Asparagus Beetle

Latin Name:  Crioceris duodecimpuctata (Linnaeus, 1758)
                        (R. Bercha, det.)

Length:  6 to 7 mm

Range:  Southern Alberta

Habitat:  Near Asparagus

Time of year seen:  Summer

Diet: Asparagus

Other: The Spotted Asparagus Beetle is an exotic species that originated in the Mediterranean.  It was first reported in North America in 1881 near Baltimore, Maryland.  The first report of it in Canada was near Quebec City in 1899.  It is now an established species that is found throughout North America in conjunction with asparagus.  The Spotted Asparagus Beetles coloration is unique among Canadian Leaf Beetles, with an orange background, six black spots on each elytron and black antenna, thus it is easily identified.  The beetles are capable of making sound by rubbing together their abdomen and elytra (stridulation).  Adult beetles over winter in debris or stem stalks and emerge in the spring.  They feed until the middle of June before laying eggs.  The larva emerge after 7-12 days and pass through four instars over a 3 to 4 week period.  Upon reaching maturity they drop to the ground and pupate for 12 to 20 days in silk cells before emerging as adult beetles.  There are 2 generations per year. (LeSage et al, 2008)

Photo courtesy R. Heavy Head 2010.

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