May Beetle
Location: Weaselhead Area, Calgary,  AB
Date: June 14,  2008
      Photo 1

May Beetle

Common Name:  May Beetle

Latin Name:  Phyllophaga sp. (Harris, 1827)
                        (R. Bercha, det.)

Length:  15 - 20 mm

Range: Alberta

Habitat: Various

Time of year seen: Spring and Summer

Diet: None eating.

Other: Alberta has four species of  large May Beetles.  They are large brown beetles with distinctive three lobed antennae.  Adult beetles fly and are attracted to lights at night.  The white C-shaped larvae lead a subterranean life eating the roots of grass and herbs.  It takes three years before they mature and emerge as adults.    (Acorn, 2000 & Eaton et al, 2006) 


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